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This is your first view of the cabin as you exit Highway 65 North of Marshall, Arkansas.

The cabin is viewable from Highway 65 and is quite impressive as it sits back in the hollow. Enter on Kindling Trail and drive up to the office (1/2 Mile).

This is the commanding view you will see from the upstairs south facing window. Breathtaking the first thing in the morning!

Just imagine waking up to this view! The southern mountain chain is over 10 miles away!

Another closer view of the cabin as you'll see it driving in.

Pictured here after the grass started growing, and ready for you to enjoy. This cabin is available year-round for your enjoyment and fun. Bring your toys and enjoy yourself.

Anybody for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs? How about some relaxing conversation?

Just move the screen aside and roast your favorites. At night just close the doors to contain the fire and rest peacefully.

What a place to finish the day and discuss your activities! Do I hear a party starting up?

Plenty of room to sit around and compare notes on the day's activities or just enjoy the fire and relax.

Plenty of seating in the pavilion

Lots of chairs available to sit around the fireplace.

Toasted Marshmallows anyone?

The perfect way to relax after a rough day of fishing, hiking, canoeing or just enjoying the beauty of the Ozarks. Light a fire and break out the marshmallows (or hot dogs).

Isn't this inviting? Just sitting in the shade in an old rocker talking with your best friend/lover/partner/whoever!

The old formula still works. Sit on a porch in a rocking chair and talk. Wow! This is the Easy Life!

Another View of the Cabin showing the porch railings.

Railings around the porches and the pavilion area to help keep you and your guests from accidentally falling and to help corral your off-spring. This view is from the South-West side.

This view shows the pavilion, deck and cabin

This view from the North-West side gives another nice view of the rear of the cabin.

This is the main entry into the cabin from the driveway.

As you drive up to the cabin, this is your primary entrance to the deck, pavilion and cabin.

The Pavilion awaits

Light a fire in the fireplace or cook on the provided BBQ grill/smoker then just relax.

These are the steps to the concrete patio.

Behind (to the West of) the deck and pavilion is a concrete patio that is ideal for lots of activities (dancing anyone?).

Rock to you heart's content

You can rock and whittle or what ever pleases you on the porches.

Even in the Fall, the colors and serenity will captivate you.

The preponderance of fall colors in the Ozarks region will take your breath away. Put yourself in the middle of it all here.

Peaceful and serene even in the snowy winter.

Imagine waking up to freshly fallen snow and discovering tracks of the area's wildlife around the cabin!

Aahh! Fresh tracks in the new fallen snow.

There you are nice and warm inside the cabin. You look out and see fresh tracks from deer, elk, rabbit, or whatever. What a feeling!

This "Redneck Fountain" behind the cabin is staying with the lore of the region.

The water from the spring feeding this fountain has been running for well over 100 years. Doris' grandmother used water from this spring to drink, wash clothes and dishes, etc.

This herd of Elk were seen from the upstairs cabin window.

There is a quite large herd of elk in this area of Arkansas. They roam and graze freely in the fields and can be seen on almost a daily basis.

This Elk was seen early in the morning in the field close to the cabin in October, 2009.

It is not unusual to see the Elk herd or, in this case, single Elk in the fields and the woods around the cabin most of the year.

This lone Elk was seen in mid-morning in the field by the cabin, just grazing.

This field is about 100 yards or so from the cabin and the Elk can be seen grazing here on a regular basis.

A herd of deer

This herd consisted of 10 animals and was less than 200 yards from the cabin.

View of the cabin and sports paraphenalia available.

We have provided a horseshoe pitching area, a basketball goal and a tennis/badminton net. There is plenty of room to play more than one sport if you so desire.

Room to play many sports including horseshoes

A tennis/badminton net is available and lots of rrom to run and play.

Got Horses? We can erect a 30 ft. by 30 ft. corral in no time.

This corral has an entry gate and can be configured in several shapes. We even supply a water trough and shade trees.

Anyone Care to Swing?

These swings are built to handle adults as well as children.

ATVs Welcome!

Bring your ATVs and explore our trails.

Nice Fishing Spot!

This young man is having a nice time fishing with his dad.

Catfish Tonight!

Persisitence paid off for this young man. He looks happy to me! Nice catfish.

Fishing The Shoals!

Quiet waters to fish in and inlets where fish like to hide.

An Otter!

This little fellow was spotted scampering around the creek bed.

A Little Smallmouth!

Another catch but probably too small to keep. But it's all about having fun!

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